Windows Movie Maker 2012 Memory Bug: a Solution?

Hi all,

This post might come as a surprise for some (after my last post 6+ months ago halfway an exiting trip… Will post about that later :)).
But this post is about a problem a colleague and me are having with Windows Movie Maker 2012 (we are recording screen casts from tools for a course).

The issue: We have made the screen cast (using camStudio) and added captions in Windows Movie Maker 2012. When trying to export the movie (on our not ‘small’, 64bit Windows 7 machines) Windows Movie Maker happily reports that there was not enough space. This is a well-known memory-leak issue.

Now, what I did to solve it, is to create a custom export definition with exactly the same dimensions as the original movie (in my case 1024×768 pixels). It is now happily purring on a 300 Mb input file, steadily using around 300 Mb of memory. Where previously it would grow until ~4Gb and then break (the 32-bit memory limit).

So, if anybody reads this and has the same issue, try it! And of course, let me know if it worked 🙂