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Arrived in Brisbane

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So, there I am, Brisbane! The first day has already passed and I’m settling in quite quickly I must say.

The first night went ok, two blocks of sleep of about 6 hours in total, so nothing to complain about. I’m not feeling any jetlag (yet) but they say it might come tomorrow. We’ll see.

At QUT everything went okay. I got introduced to everyone, including Hajo who had made the exact same trip just a day earlier 🙂 But also to new people with whom I will certainly collaborate and exchange knowledge.

Most people I’ve met so far are really nice and mainly easy going. The cashier in the supermarket actually asked how my day was. I never experienced that in the Netherlands…
The host family is also really nice (a bit energetic at times, but that is okay, since I’m becoming as easy going as most Australians are).

I don’t have much more to add really. Other than that I’m curious what we’ll do in the weekend (they’ll take me to the beach they said so that should be a fun day!).
I’m also really looking forward to work with the people at QUT of course, a lot to learn and share.

So, from Brisbane, good night (and I hope you had a nice lunch back there in Europe :D)


Written by Joos Buijs

June 7, 2012 at 13:04