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Windows Movie Maker 2012 Memory Bug: a Solution?

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Hi all,

This post might come as a surprise for some (after my last post 6+ months ago halfway an exiting trip… Will post about that later :)).
But this post is about a problem a colleague and me are having with Windows Movie Maker 2012 (we are recording screen casts from tools for a course).

The issue: We have made the screen cast (using camStudio) and added captions in Windows Movie Maker 2012. When trying to export the movie (on our not ‘small’, 64bit Windows 7 machines) Windows Movie Maker happily reports that there was not enough space. This is a well-known memory-leak issue.

Now, what I did to solve it, is to create a custom export definition with exactly the same dimensions as the original movie (in my case 1024×768 pixels). It is now happily purring on a 300 Mb input file, steadily using around 300 Mb of memory. Where previously it would grow until ~4Gb and then break (the 32-bit memory limit).

So, if anybody reads this and has the same issue, try it! And of course, let me know if it worked 🙂



Written by Joos Buijs

February 14, 2013 at 11:29

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  1. I had a similar issue with my recent project. I was trying to save it as a MP4 at 740 resolution. At around 92% completion, I received an error message saying that there was not enough memory to save the current project and to try to save it as a smaller file. My project was 17 minutes long, but had 317 video clips with captions and added music. Nothing seemed to work. Then I remembered – a previous project of mine had the same issue. There were too many separate video files to compile along with the music. My solution was to first, save all of the video clips into a single MP4 movie without the music. Then load the completed MP4 back into Movie Maker and then add music. That way, Movie Maker is only dealing with a single video file. I was able to add my music and save it again as a new MP4 in 740 resolution. Success!!

    Edward Hum

    November 19, 2018 at 03:41

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