Science – Perception and the Real Deal

Science is still a `vague’ thing for people outside of academia (e.g. most family and friends of people in academia). Recent news reports of people in academia ‘borrowing’ texts, ‘inventing’ data or getting a PhD approved at a ‘philosophy’ university while it was rejected at a technical one, do not really help in explaining what academia really is about…

The following picture describes it rather well I think. It also helps in explaining why people tend to borrow text, invent data or really want a reward for their hard work (assuming they did)…

I’m currently in my 3rd instance of ‘Hmm not quite going as expected’, hoping for ‘amazing results’ by tomorrow, or at least next Monday when the paper is due.

PS My supervisor recently published a book ( where he thanks his wife for understanding that “science is more rewarding than running errands”. I totally second that and so far my girlfriend allows me to do more science than running errands.

Academia vs. Business (1)



First of all, I’m alive! Or, in other words, sorry for not really posting for, WOW, almost a year now… Some day I should write about all the cool stuff I did in the mean time (a lot has happened both in my work and private lifes).

But for now, while I’m awaiting a code update from a colleague, here is why I love academia so much, for now…

Or why I love academia (for now)

I’ll schedule some more posts like this for the next days while I’m waiting… (I have some links lined up)