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The preliminary results are in…

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…and it looks good 🙂

The first preliminary results are those of my intermediate presentation of December 15. It went well, although there is always room for improvement of course. I managed to have a working version of my application by then so that was nice to show. Furthermore, there were actually people there besides my supervisor, tutor and third committee member.

The other preliminary results are the first XES event logs generated by my application. Although generated from a ‘single table source’ using a rather straight forward mapping, it is promising and rewarding to see your event log being loaded in ProM (version 6) and everything works.

Enough work remains to be done, some small (e.g. change some texts in the user interface) others larger (e.g. ordering of events in the event log and automatically linking those tables used in the mapping). But on the other hand, I still have more than a week to implement those functions and completely test my application. For comparison: I needed 2 weeks to build my user interface and update my domain model accordingly. Another 2 weeks where needed to get as far as I am now.

Since the GUI is rather stable I think I can show it to you. So, here it is:

Basic user interface of the XES mapper appication

As you can see, it consists of three main parts: The bottom part is for the ‘general mapping settings’ such as a name and description, the connection settings to the data source, managing the XES extensions (shown in the screen shot), console output and executing the mapping. The top left part is for navigating the mapping definition, here you can select the element (log, trace, event or attribute with ‘children’) you want to edit. The top right part allows you to add, edit and delete attribute definitions (shown in the screen shot), define some mapping properties and for the log specify the event classifiers (you probably have no clue why you want those but don’t worry, you’ll learn in the documentation of the new XES version).

Also, I think that, now I know the application is likely to be born without complications and is likely to survive, I can think of a (nick)name for my baby… I have a nice one in mind but I won’t announce it just yet, you’ll see it at the release.

So, the next week(s) I will add some more functionality to the application, test it thoroughly on test data and eventually on case data. And I will also work on the most exciting part: the thesis! I don’t mind working on the thesis, it is probably the most prominent result of my labor but its not, well, exciting… Programming is nicer, there you can hunt bugs, search for performance improvements and play with your creation. A thesis is just a thing that sits there and you can look at it. Luckily I’m writing it in LaTeΧ so I can still have compiling errors and won’t have to fight with a Word processor.

Well, for now I wish you all a nice Christmas holiday and a very nice New Year in case I don’t blog in the next 2 weeks.




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December 18, 2009 at 16:50

My sincere apologies: I’m working

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Hello to my few readers,

I”m really sorry that I did not update my blog for the past two weeks. The reason is simple: I’m working. I’ve started the ‘real’ programming phase of my application. This means that I either am happily programming and don’t want to lose the rhythm or I’m stuck and really frustrated and want to solve it as soon as I can. The problem with blogging (and Twittering etc. etc.) is that the more you work and have interesting stuff to tell, you don’t have time to tell it. And when you have enough time to tell it, you don’t remember what to talk about…

So, I hope that you can stick with me until new year. By then I hope to be finished with my application and start on my thesis. As you know, writing a thesis is not always that interesting so by then I hope to have enough to talk about because I’m sure that time won’t be a problem 🙂

As a ‘gift’ (I have a strange sense of what to give to people ;)) I add the domain model of my application (current status!!!) to this post. This might either add to the confusion or understanding but at least I provide you with data (maybe not information but at least data).

Domain Model (version of 2-12-2009 11:00)

Hope to see you soon!


Oh, by the way, I give an intermediate presentation on Tuesday December 15 from 9:00 – 10:00 at the TU/e, Main Building, Room 5.95 (Seidelzaal). You are more than welcome to be there. I will also announce my final presentation via this blog in due time 🙂

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December 2, 2009 at 17:46